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Genshiken VS Kaiji?

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Genshiken being a manga about otakus means that there are countless netas from manga/anime/games. Some of them I get, some of them I don’t. But reading Genshiken manga again this morning brought me to the picture on the left. Vol 2 Page 75, when Sasahara said that Madarame got the rare Kujian trading card, [...]

Hikaru no Go- Games origin

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Hikaru no Go is one of my favourite manga (but I have too many favourites…). In Japan, apparently the number of kids/people who play Go increased significantly after the manga was released. I call it a conspiracy. Like Prince of Tennis, Slam Dunk, Eye Shield 21, and Captain Tsubasa, Hikaru no Go is probably [...]

One piece- Going Merry

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I think what I have here is a very good 3D model (courtesy to James/Stompy, check for other views) of the Going Merry, and I assume that if you are interested in this post, you are familiar with the first ship Luffy and Co sailed on in One Piece.
When I was the moderator for [...]

The snake shape on Edward’s jacket is one of the most recognizable symbols from FMA, not only does it appear on Edward’s red jacket, the author also used it on the back cover of tankobon, the start of chapters, and many other places. So I started to wonder about the meaning of such a symbol.
When [...]

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Neta <ネタ>
Neta means things, goods.

【Era】 Edo Times~
【Type】 Reverse expression


Neta in Japanese means the "goods to survive". It is the reverse of "rice seeds" (米の種). Seeds in Japanese is "tane", and the reverse of it is "neta". There are other reverse expression in Japanese such as "moku"(もく) meaning tobacco in the edo times (because smoke from tobacco is like clouds- kumo). Personally, I don't really understand the reverse expression thing, but I guess it is kinda fun and confusing?

So neta is the livelihood of every profession, such as rice is to rice stores, fish to sushi, punch line to comedians, and evidence to police.

Moto neta(元ネタ) is something like "the origin of the neta". In this blog, I will try to theorize and speculate the many netas in the ACG world (anime, comics and games), so its just useless information...