Genshiken being a manga about otakus means that there are countless netas from manga/anime/games. Some of them I get, some of them I don’t. But reading Genshiken manga again this morning brought me to the picture on the left. Vol 2 Page 75, when Sasahara said that Madarame got the rare Kujian trading card, a very distinct sound effect was used. The “ざわ” (zawa) of Kaiji fame. I am not an expert in Japanese, so I can’t say that Kaiji is the first manga to have used ざわ as a sound effect for suspense. But the ざわ used in Genshiken is in a very specific font, that made me quite sure that it is a parody of the Kaiji ざわ. Genshiken started in 2002, and Kaiji 1996. The timing is correct too.

Just 1 column, really makes me appreciate how much thought and effort was put into the making of Genshiken. So sad that the second season of the anime failed to come to a satisfactory ending like the manga…

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